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Practice Areas

We believe that in modern economy, it is no longer sufficient to simply be an expert in a certain field of law. Nowadays, it is essential for a client to have a lawyer who understands his business model and who is able to identify, understand and resolve the legal implications which arise from it.

The partners of Grama Schwaighofer Vondrak Rechtsanwälte GmbH therefore do not primarily focus on legal fields but rather on clients and industries, resulting in specific expertise. We have been successfully advising clients in the following business areas for several years, by not only achieving a deep understanding of the needs and the specific problems of the client, but also helping them to legally optimize their business model.

Grama Schwaighofer Vondrak Rechtsanwälte GmbH is primarily active in the following fields of the law:

» Abgaben- und Steuerrecht, Finanzstrafrecht / tax law
» Agrarrecht, Forstrecht / agricultural and forest law
» Arbeitsrecht / labor law
» Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht / bank and capital markets law
» Baurecht / building law
» Bauträgerrecht / real estate developer law
» Bauvertragsrecht / construction contract law
» Gesellschaftsrecht, Gesellschaftsgründungen / corporate law and foundation of companies
» Gewerberecht / trade law
» Handelsrecht, Unternehmensrecht / commercial law, the law on merchants
» Internationales Recht / international law
» Jagdrecht / hunting law
» Liegenschafts- und Immobilienrecht / real estate law
» Mergers & Acquisitions
» Miet- und Wohnrecht / rental law
» Produkthaftung / product liability law
» Schadenersatz- und Gewährleistungsrecht / law of damages and guarantees
» Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (Schiedsverfahren) / arbitration

Waste Management

We have been advising one of the leading waste management companies in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe for several years in all its key business activities. Due to the long term relationship to the client, we possess detailed knowledge of the client’s needs as well as the internal processes within the client’s business group.

Waste management law advice is just as relevant as the legal advice provided in relation to PPP projects, mergers and acquisitions, public procurement law and the structuring and drafting of contracts with suppliers and other partners in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe.

Car and Aircraft Supply

We have been advising one of the leading aviation component supply companies in Austria for many years. Due to the particularities of this business with large and international customers, in particular with aircraft manufacturers, there is a constant need to adapt to the specific needs of such customers from a legal point of view.

In particular, it is crucial to have a thorough understanding of the Anglo-American legal sphere and its language, as well as product liability issues and the specific demands of this industry. This knowledge, combined with refined negotiation skills, is a key advantage for our client.

Our experience in the field of product liability enables us to hold in-house training seminars for employees in the automotive industry.

Banking and Financial Institutions

We advise a leading Austrian bank on its project business as well as on its mergers and acquisitions activities in Austria and Central and Eastern Europe. Furthermore, we provide legal advice to securities services companies on their banking and regulatory issues.

Family Owned Businesses

In many instances, one of the greatest challenges in advising families is understanding the various interests of the persons involved as well as the specific situation of the family. Legal technique is often of secondary importance: above all, the attorney must have outstanding communicative skills and a high level of sensitivity for the persons involved.

We have vast experience in successfully restructuring family owned businesses and have advised on the passing of control to successive generations. Not only a great command of tax law, corporate law and the law of private foundations is essential but also great social skills in understanding the family’s needs and concerns are key to the success.

"High Networth Individuals"

In this segment, the main challenge is to act for clients in their private affairs who are – due to their professional lives – accustomed to receiving service of the highest standard.

We advise high net worth individuals on the sale and acquisition of luxury assets such as yachts and private jets and – if necessary – cooperate with our international partners in order to develop the most suitable tax as well as legal structures for our clients. Such transactions can reach a high degree of complexity, utilising all available structuring possibilities for the benefit of the client.

In addition, we assist our clients in legal and commercial matters associated with luxury real estate and provide tax planning advice regarding foreign investments.

Real Estate Development

In this segment, we advise and accompany clients from the very beginning of a potential new project, including one of the largest German real estate development companies. Our services encompass advice on participation opportunities in tender processes and includes issues of public procurement law and tax structuring in relation to the acquisition of the project and considering the most likely exit-strategy.

In addition, post-acquisition advice is necessary in relation to issues such as approvals, execution of contracts with consultants, designers and construction companies as well as exploitation, leasing and representation at any court and/or arbitration proceedings. In the last phase of the project, data must be prepared for the sale of the project and advice rendered in connection with the exit of the developer.

Multinational Groups

We advise several multinational groups on all their operations in Austria, including a leading Brazilian conglomerate. Multinational groups which – be it for tax or other reasons – set up a new office in Austria have very specific demands.

We identify and inform the client prior to the set up of its office of any legal issues which the client could face due to local particularities. It is important to pro-actively highlight and discuss potential legal issues which may cause problems for the client. This starts with the ideal tax structuring within the multinational group prior to the final decision on the location.

In addition it is necessary to assist the client with services and contacts which go beyond basic legal advice, such as the integration of managers and employees in Austria, assistance with the opening of private bank accounts, renting an apartment and the analysis of social security matters.


We advise several participants on the Austrian media market. One of our main tasks here is the drafting of agreements between media companies, media agencies and the advertising industry. This tripartite relationship is subject to several contradictory legal interests. Compliance is of utmost importance for the involved companies. Civil law issues surrounding the drafting of the relevant agreements are equally important as tax planning and the avoidance of any criminal offences.


We advise one of the leading retail companies in Austria on all its legal issues. Due to its numerous branches and shops in all major Austrian cities, one of the main legal issues is tenancy law. Knowing how questions of corporate law can impact on lease prices is of utmost importance when carrying out a corporate restructuring in order to avoid undesirable legal consequences. In addition we advise on the optimization of branch networks as well as on the sale of business divisions and all associated legal issues.